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COYLE Diplomats’ Evening a grand success !

The Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (COYLE) held its fourth annual Diplomats’ Evening on the 17th Januray’17 to facilitate opportunities to network, showcase successful partnerships and discuss new forms of cooperation between Sri Lankan businessmen and international agencies.

The event was graced by Central Bank Governour  Indrajit Coomaraswamy and Dr Harsha de Silva Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, distinguished members of the Diplomatic Community and COYLE members.

Its objective is to achieve more intense forms of collaboration and more structured relationships between the two sides to better meet the challenges of globalization and foster trade both locally and internationally. The event was an ideal forum for fellowship amongst members of the business fraternity and creating rapport with the representatives of foreign missions and embassies, providing an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and matters of mutual benefit.

COYLE is committed to the vision of safeguarding the country’s economy and the Sri Lankan business community by playing a vital role of national importance, emphasised by its theme, ‘Excellence through Recognition’. The Chamber also promotes entrepreneurship in the rehabilitation and development initiatives of the Government and international economic development of the country.

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