Terms & Conditions

Dear Client,
All Cleints have to accept and follow the following rules and regulations in order to maintain the quality of service:-

1. No illegal activity –
Any Persons Provided by laska.asia and used by the client for undertaking any activity that is not legal under the law of the land is completely Prohibited. If the client uses the Persons for any such activity then laska.asia shall not be held responsible for any such action and the onus of the entire action would rest on the client and the individual concerned .
2. Timing –
There will be extra charges after agreed hours of assingnment.

3. Confirmation –
Confirmation of the event and selection of the candidate must be given in writting either on email or via SMS.

4. Change in Schedule
If there is any change in your schedule or venue, it is the responsibility of the client to tell us well in advance to make arrangements according to the new schedule. laska.asia will not be held responsible for the delay if schedule is changed and we are not informed well in advance (atleast 48 hrs).

5.Booking –
Booking will be considered after 75% advance payment received from Regular Clients and 100% payment received by new Clients .
For cheque payments, booking will be considered after realization of cheque.

6. Advance Payment –
Advance Payment is a must. 75% for Regular Clients and 100% for new Clients

7. Cancellation of the event
If you cancel the assignment, laska.asia must be informed in writting either on email or via SMS. In the case of cancellation, if informed 48 hours prior to cancellation there will be 50% refund of advance payment .

8. Replacement
If you have selected a Person and have given advance payment , but if she/he does not attend your assignment due to unavoidable reason, it will be our responsibility to inform you. In this case there will be two options;-.
a. Laska.asia will give you replacement (Same category and Budget with same communication skills)
b. If you do not agree we will give 100 % refund of the amount given by you as a booking amount. Refund will be arranged within 72 hours

9. Behavior
We expect high Ethical Standards from our clients. The Persons sent to you cannot be sexually harassed or objectified, they have to be treated with respect and courtesy. If you are not happy with the behavior or activity of any persons Provided by Laska.asia, you must inform us immediately.

10. No Gifts
We suggest to our clients not to give any kind of gift/incentive etc to persons sent by us.

11. No Private Deals with Persons Provided by Laska.asia
Clients cannot hire directly or through any other company/agency/individual …. Persons Provided by us without the Written consent of laska.asia. This would be considered a breach of contract liable for legal action resulting in a lump sum payment . If for some reason the client (you) hire the person or persons provided by us without our written consent, then you are liable to pay a fee of 250,000 Sri Lankan rupees

12. Dispute
If any dispute arises between laska.asia and the client, during the subsistence of this Agreement or thereafter, the Parties hereto shall endeavor to settle such dispute amicably. In the case of failure by the Parties to resolve the dispute in the manner set out above within 30 (thirty) days from the date when the dispute arose, the aggrieved party may refer such dispute to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The place of arbitration shall be in Colombo. Any action arising out of or in connection with such arbitration proceedings shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Colombo Courts only.